Moringa Delicata Leaf powder 125gr


The showpiece of Moringa’s Finest. “Delicata” leaf powder!

The Delicata Leaf Powder from Moringa’s Finest is:

 100% Natural and without additives.
 Fine taste.
 Rich in leaf green.


Content: 125 grams Moringa Delicata Leaf Powder of Dutch origin.


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Moringa Delicata Leaf Powder

The Moringa Oleifera tree is the most wholesome and beneficial tree on Earth. The leaves of the Moringa tree are naturally extremely rich in essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino acids, anti-oxidants, and nutritional fibers. All of these natural nutrients together make Moringa Leaf Powder the best natural food supplement available.

Recommended usage of Moringa Delicata Leaf powder:

The ideal daily doses are between 5 and 10 grams daily (10 grams is a full tablespoon). Leaf Powder is easily mixed into smoothies, shakes and fruit juice, it can also be mixed in mashed fruit or stirred through yogurt or quark. Moringa Leaf Powder can also be used in hot meals, for instance, stir/wok fries, bouillon, soup, and sauces. Add accordingly to your own preferred taste at the end of the cooking time. Leaf Powder has its own herbal taste and acts as a natural taste enhancer.

Cooking tip: Can also be sprinkled over cooked food in the same way as salt and pepper – a simple and efficient way of making sure the daily nutritional requirements are met.

For recipes: smoothies, shakes and cooked foods click here.


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125 gram


100% Biologisch Raw Bladpoeder van Nederlandse bodem.


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