Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ) about Moringa

The great advantage of Moringa over other dietary supplements is that Moringa is 100% natural with a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and antioxidants which are present in extremely high concentrations.
Yes, you can use Moringa daily, 5 to 10 grams per day, in dried form. There are no known harmful side effects. Using Moringa leaf powder for the first time can temporarily cause diarrhea, due to the high concentration of antioxidants that cleans waste products from the digestive tract. If this occurs, begin with a lower dosage and slowly build it up to the required dosage.
Fresh Moringa leaves contain more vitamin C and E, than dried leaves. A part of these vitamins is lost because of the drying process. Nevertheless, in dried Moringa leaves, many other vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and antioxidants are present in higher doses.Moringa leaf powder is finely milled and more easily absorbed than coarse Moringa leaves. Coarse Moringa leaves, however, are milder in taste and is thus easier to add to recipes without giving off a dominant flavour. So each type has its own advantages.
By Moringa’s Finest you will only find sustainable and organic Moringa products without added chemicals ( E341 and E570 for example).Moringa products from Moringa’s Finest are raw, which means that they have been dried without heat treatment so that essential amino acids are still intact. Moringa’s Finest specializes in highest quality Moringa and regards service and the sharing of knowledge of paramount importance.
Using Moringa leaf powder is the most economical; you can mix it with fruit juice, yogurt or cottage cheese, it’s delicious in smoothies, soups, sauces and hot dishes. With Moringa leaf powder, Moringa tablets and/or Moringa capsules you can easily meet the daily dose requirements. For an adult, a dose of 5-10 grams per day is recommended, for children and pets, the dosage should be relative to their weight. We provide fresh Moringa in the growing season (April until October). FreshMoringa can be eaten raw in salads, as toppings in sandwiches, delicious through smoothies and juices, sauces, soups and hot dishes. Can also be sprinkled over warm food, the same way as salt and pepper.
Moringa Oil from Moringa’s Finest is cold -pressed and organically grown. This oil is suitable for consumption but is used more for skin and hair care. Moringa oil is quickly absorbed into the skin and leaves no fat behind, it keeps the skin supple and elastic, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, relieves itching from insect bites and helps wounds to heal faster. Moringa oil makes the hair softer and shinier and relieves the scalp of dandruff and dry skin. Also ideal as a massage oil, even for babies, so pure is Moringa Oil.

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Yes, the seeds of Moringa are edible, they contain all the good qualities of the plant and are rich in oil. A very special feature of Moringa seeds is that it binds to heavy metals, and has antiseptic properties. Thus, they cleanse the digestive tract of unwanted bacteria and waste materials.
3 to 10 Moringa seeds per day is sufficient.
Moringa gives energy. The following is only a guideline; for example, spread the dosage out to three times a day, the largest dose being at the start of the day. Be creative! Starting with a Moringa Smoothie, lunch time take some Moringa tablets or Moringa Capsules and the evening meal with Fresh Moringa or add Organic Moringa Powder to sauces, soups or wok vegetables, or sprinkle Moringa powder, the same way as salt and pepper, over warm food.
There are no negative side effects reported regarding the use of Moringa alongside medicines. When in doubt it is always wise to consult your (natural) doctor.
Moringa can regulate blood sugar levels and can thus provide a soothing effect on diabetes.
There are no cases known, Moringa contains no lactose, gluten, or other known allergens.
Yes ! Because of the high concentration of nutrients and antioxidants, is Moringa an ideal addition to the diet of nursing mothers.
All Moringa products of Moringa’s Finest are VEGAN and THEREFORE vegetarian. Moringa is HIGHLY recommended for vegans and vegetarians because of the high levels of iron, calcium and easily absorbable proteins. Unfortunately, Moringa does not contain vitamin B12 BUT the combination of Moringa and vitamin B12 helps better absorption of the vitamin B12 (note: Quite often the problem with vitamin B12 shortage comes from the fact that it is not properly absorbed by the body. Moringa aids in the absorption of vitamin B12.
If Moringa oil is stored in a cool place, it will probably start clotting. This is easily solved by putting the bottle for a while in a warm place or placing it in warm water. The Moringa Oil quickly becomes clear and liquid.
Moringa has a distinct taste that is difficult to compare. Fresh Moringa has a delicate nutty flavor, slightly sweet and slightly sharp like radishes. The taste of dried Moringa is more difficult to describe. Moringa leaf powder has quite a strong concentrated flavor and you also have to keep this in mind when mixing it with food, begin with small quantities, you can always add more. It is a natural flavor enhancer, it brings out the natural flavor of the food.
Under the Moringa tree, you will find a large root, similar to a turnip. In Ayurvedic medicine, this root is highly regarded and used as medicine. We advise not to consume this root without the necessary medical knowledge.
The flowers from the Moringa Oleifera have a honeyed flavor, are edible and very suitable to make tea with. Not suitable for pregnant women because these flowers work abortive!
All contain Moringa leaf powderMoringa tablets contain the added ingredient Arabic gom, to hold the tablets together. Moringa capsules are made from plant cellulose (no fillers or emulsifiers). Moringa capsules can be used by people who have difficulty in swallowing. Moringa tablets and capsules are easy to take to work or whilst traveling. There is no difference in nutritional value between Moringa leaf powder, Moringa capsules of Moringa tablets.
If stored in a dark and dry place in a sealed container, Moringa leaf powder remains good for consumption for many months.
In the Netherlands, the climate is a little cold for the Moringa tree. In summer, a developed plant can grow in a warm and sunny garden. The moringa tree does prefer a warm greenhouse or conservatory, where he will from the spring until autumn produce a lot of leaves, flowers or pods. Moringa’s Finest produces trees that already have a good root system and will directly produce leaves, flowers and later pods in the right climate.
Yes you can, we deliver fresh germinated Moringa seeds which usually begin to sprout one week after sowing. However, the young trees are very vulnerable and it is an art to grow a viable tree. With a Moringa tree from Moringa’s Finest, you purchase a tree that is a few months old and has already passed through the vulnerable stage.