Moringa for Animals: Application of Moringa Leaf Powder

Application Moringa Oleifera for AnimalsEach animal is unique, and the quantities set out below are not absolute, they should be used as a rough guideline. Application: The amounts are given per animal (species), per day, and the product should be mixed with normal food.

I advise you NOT to mix Moringa with drink water, Your pet may not enjoy the pure taste of moringa and may avoid the drinkwater which could lead to dehydration.

Application: Dosage per day per animal mixed with food:
Cat:       1 to 3 grams per day
Dog:      3-5 grams per day (this depends on the breed, weight, and size of the dog)
Horse:  25 grams per day (in some cases, it is useful to start with 16 g of powder per day, and then build up to 25 gr.per day)

If you are not sure about the amount of leaf powder which is required for your animal, or if you have other questions about Moringa and your pet, our team is available for advice. Please contact us.