Heilige Basilicum plant
2x Holy Basil plant (Tulsi plant)
In addition to the well-known Moringa products from Moringa's Finest… Now also plant Holy Basil!
Holy basil is THE number 1 in Ayurveda, the other name for this plant is “Tulsi” which means “the incomparable”. In addition to all the good properties that this plant has for the health of humans and animals, the taste is also very pleasant.  
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Gynura Procumbens Plant - Moringa's Finest
Gynura Procumbens Plant
Gynura Procumbens 'Leaves of the gods'   - per plant €7,95 - 3 for €19,95  
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Tulsi Thee 150 gram
Tulsi Tea 150 grams (resealable bag)
Tulsi tea is wonderfully refreshing and energizing Natural. Exciting and spicy taste. Pure and unprocessed.   Contents: 150 grams of Tulsi tea packed in a resealable pouch.  
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Yakon / Appelwortel - 3KG - Moringa's Finest
Yacon / Apple root 3kg
Yacon tubers; now temporarily available. 100% Natural.  100% Vegan.  
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