Gynura Procumbens Plant

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Gynura Procumbens
‘Leaves of the gods’


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Gynura Procumbens Plant

Gynura Procumbens does not yet have a Dutch name, in English this plant is called Leaves of the gods, in Indonesia Daon Dewa (which again means leaf of god) and another name is cholesterol spinach (because of the attributed cholesterol-lowering effect of the plant)

That this plant is still little known is actually amazing, the leaf is very rich in nutritional value, the plant is very easy to grow, both in the house and outdoors in the summer months, and gives a very high production of leaves.

Give the plant a large pot, a light and warm place and sufficient fertilizer and each branch will easily grow almost one meter per month. Harvest the young leaves regularly, they taste fresh and are tender. If you have a larger crop, you can prepare the leaves just like spinach. The plant grows very quickly, so prune it back regularly. Both in the garden and in the living room it is a decorative plant where you can harvest weekly, both the leaves and the young tops.

The Gynura Procumbens deserves a place in everyone’s garden, balcony or windowsill. Do not let it freeze.

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