Written by Elke Frye

Information about Moringa Oleifera for Horses:

Moringa & Horses - Information about Moringa Oleifera for Horses

For 10 years I have worked with horses and have a fondness for horses with a past, to help them regain their confidence, their physical strength and health and emotional balance. Where a horse is classed as a ‘problem case’ or ‘unmanageable’ I see it as an opportunity. It gives me great satisfaction to see a horse return to health and balance, and to see them grow further in a warm, loving and caring environment.

Moringa & Horses

I am aware of a number of factors, both physical and mental that contribute to the welfare of my horses:  handling and emotion (psyche), surroundings, stalling and environment, riding and movement technique and last but not least, nutrition. In terms of movement technique and handling, I work from my feelings and intuition. I apply the techniques from the Natural Horsemanship and Gymnasium.

Regarding nutrition, I achieved good results with the minerals and roughage chunks of Hamco Holland. I was however well aware that the food and supplements were not complete and that my horses were missing something.

I was looking for a supplement that fulfilled all the nutritional requirements that my horses needed.

This I found in Moringa and the advice of the team of Moringasfinest.nl

Donna, 20 years

Donna, 20 years. Moringa & Horses

Donna came to me when she was 12 years old.
She was considered as unmanageable by her first owner and was therefore used only for breeding purposes. She produced splendid foals, but she gave no milk.

When she came to me, she was malnourished and had very bad hooves. She did not want to work with or for me and stagnated or bucked. With a wonderful life in the herd of the stable where my horses are housed, a lot of attention and good nutrition, she became a leading mare and a very stable horse in handling and driving.

However, the problems with the hooves continued to arise, (especially later in life) with crumbled hooves and white line disease.

I gave Donna a dosage of Moringa every day and she is now strong again, with good hooves!

She knows exactly what she wants and is as powerful, proud and stable as I know her!

Flynn, 15 years

Flynn, 15 years. Moringa Oleifera infoFlynn learned to know when he was 9 or 10 years old, he got into the herd and found no connection. He did not dare to eat between other horses and was experienced as unreachable. Every touch seemed a great task for Flynn. From all his reactions, he said that he was wrongly tackled with the “hard hand” laundry. All confidence in itself and in cooperation with humans seemed to have disappeared.

I went to work with him, in very small steps, starting with touching, brushing, jumping off the paddock and lots of earthworks.

Flynn needs clear clues and an airy, playful way of working. Flynn is sensitive to root, easy treatment does not leave him. So I was looking for a mild agent for treating the root of the roots, both inside and out. I give Flynn Moringa a better balance and to find inner peace and I see clear improvement both mentally and physically! Meanwhile, Flynn has developed into a happy, proud horse, curious and willing to work with me. Together we will get there. (Automatically translated by google)

May, 6 years

May, 6 years. Moringa benefits for HorsesFor more than two years, May is also in my life. She was literally captured from the meadow because she had no confidence in people and kept her far away from it. She was now almost a year old foal, protecting her with her life. All in a small paddock, May was anxious to cry out for everything and everyone who came to her. May shake her whole body if you wanted to touch her. May is extremely sensitive and sensitive, it responds to any minor change or designation. In May there is a lot of love and some unrest. She started running to get under pressure.

That unrest also has to do with her past, where people hurt her enormously. This imbalance in May’s body, contained in a wet mug on her forelegs, accompanied by ulcers. This condition is very painful and, for May, I wanted a mild remedy for internal and external treatment. I also give her Moringa through the food and on the wet places affected by wet mug, I brush a piece of Moringa powder and water. May comes more and more in her peace and balance. The wet mug on her fore legs is getting less. We are taking great steps forward! (Automatically translated by google)

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