Introduction:  from Jane Scott, Naturopath.

Moringa for Animals - Moringasfinest.nlWorking from my practice as a naturopath, I have gathered a lot of experience with Moringa leaf powder regarding the welfare of animals. For many years I have treated animals in my practice for naturopathy. The results I have achieved through the use of Moringa, are amazingly good.

I advised the owners of sick or distressed animals that came to my practice, to add Organic Moringa Leaf Powder to their daily food intake (mostly cats, dogs, and horses, sometimes caviars, rabbits and other small rodents.) The effects were amazing.

‘It is our responsibility, to provide our pets with food that is conducive to health. An animal knows instinctively what is has to search for and eat, and is able to identify shortcomings in the body even before they manifest as sickness. We cannot compete with the instincts of our animals but what we can do is feed our animals with all the nutrients necessary to be healthy and stay healthy.’

Moringa is an extremely powerful nutritional food for animals, packed with vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents and omega oils 3, 6 and 9.

Moringa also has a high absorption rate, so your pet absorbs all the nutrients necessary, resulting in:

  • a good digestion
  • strengthening joints, muscles bones, and teeth.
  • reducing fat and building muscle
  • tremendous boost to the immune system
  • Moringa doesn’t just affect the physical body of an animal. It works holistically.

Moringa as an effect on the whole system, physical, mental and emotional:

  • Moringa helps your pet to feel good.
  • It contains a lot of magnesium. Magnesium deficiency can lead to depression. Moringa reduces stress and increases the ‘happy hormone’ in the body creating a complete sense of well-being.
  • Moringa relaxes the body and has a calming effect on a hyperactive temperament. The Phyto-pro-vitamins in Moringa can help relieve angst and panic. They have a favorable effect on the stress threshold and provide long-lasting energy – (for example, very good for frightened horses).

Benefits of Moringa Oleifera for AnimalsDo not wait until your animal becomes sick before adding a daily dose of Moringa to the diet. Even with healthy animals, a daily dose of Moringa can add to the vitality and a general feeling of well -being!

NOTE:  It has been noted that even with healthy horses, adding 20 mg of organic Moringa powder to the diet every day increases stamina and performance!

Give your pet Moringa every day and see the difference for yourself …

More info:
Effect of Forage Moringa oleifera L. (moringa) on Animal Health and Nutrition and Its Beneficial Applications in Soil, Plants and Water Purification (Download PDF)