Moringa Beauty: Anti-aging properties of Moringa

Moringa Beauty - Moringa OilMoringa Oleifera is the Superfood for the beauty face and body. With internal usage (ie tablets, capsules, powders and tea) and externally (ie face and body oils, shampoo, soaps and cremes) you will see results in a very short time.

After just a few days of using the oil, you can already see the difference:

  • Your skin is smoother, softer, more radiant
  • Blemishes start to fade
  • Wrinkles begin to fade …..fine lines become less noticeable…

– and this is just the beginning!

There is no other plant in the world with so many vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Moringa contains 24 antioxidants, 23 anti-inflammatory substances. The oil soaks into the skin, the leaf powdercapsules, and pills work internally.

In short, you look good and beauty, you feel good, and you have a lot of energy.

Moringa oil

Also very important in this story is the transmitter substance Zeatine.

Recently science discovered Zeatine in Moringa Oleifera. Zeatine is necessary for the absorption of amino acids and belongs to the family of cytokinins, which influences the aging processes.

Moringa contains more than a thousand times as much as zeatin as other investigated plants. Recently zeatin was also discovered by the cosmetic industry and is used as a remedy against wrinkles. It works particularly effective against skin aging.

Zeatine transports the perfect amount of all nutrients to the cells. Exactly what you need for rejuvenation and for optimizing your health, the zeatin in Moringa Oleifera takes care of the distribution and absorption of it.

Natural zeatin found in MoringaScience has been searching for a synthetic substitute of the natural zeatin found in Moringa. But it did not work because the body does not recognize the synthetic version. It passes through the digestive tract without any effect.   Because zeatin cannot be produced artificially and it is difficult to isolate from plants, the cosmetic products that contain zeatin, are usually very expensive.

Your Personal Plan:

With our Moringa products you have the opportunity to create your own anti-aging plan:

  • Our capsulestablets, and powders work from inside out, giving ultimate protection against free-radicals, and the degenerative diseases that accompany it.
  • Our oils, shampoos, soaps and body lotions work from the outside, penetrating through the skin, hydrating, nourishing and repairing damaged skin cells.

When applying Moringa topically onto the skin, it has the ability to not only reduce wrinkles, but regular use also prevents sagging of the muscles – the miracle of Moringa!

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