Ancient Healing of Moringa Oleifera

The healing properties of Moringa oil were known in many ancient cultures and are well documented. It is a vitamin-rich oil that has been used for thousands of years by many nations as a natural anti-aging for the Skin & Hair. Also the body. It was also used for cosmetic purposes.

Egyptians used the oil in skin & hair care and for making ointments and creams. In addition, it was also an important ingredient for embalming the dead. There are recipes found for treating wrinkles with Moringa oil dating from 1400 v. Chr.

The Oil from Moringa’s Finest is cold-pressed from organic Moringa seeds. This soft and pure oil is great for Skin & Hair care, aromatherapy, and massage. It’s also great for baby massage, so pure is this oil!


Moringa for Skin & HairMoringa oil contains large amounts of omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids and is rich in vitamin A and E. This extremely nutritious oil is the ideal food for the skin, penetrating easily and deeply moisturizing. It rejuvenates and is a wonderful antidote for the tired-looking skin!

It cleanses the skin, regulates the secretion of sebum, and it provides relief from acne and a variety of skin disorders. Any skin roughness or blotchiness fades, it also helps to heal scar tissue.

Moringa Oil belongs to the non-drying oils, and spreads easily over the skin, bringing the balance back to oily, dry or combination skin.

Even if your skin already looks good and radiant, the use of Moringa Oil is recommended to help prevent premature aging. Daily use of moringa oil can not only slow down the aging process of the skin but also the sagging of the facial muscles!
For soft, smooth and radiant skin, try Moringa oil yourself and see the difference!


Moringa AftersunMoringa oil hydrates, moisturizes, cools and refreshes the skin after sunbathing. It is a perfect natural aftersun lotion.

Baby massage

Moringa Oil for BabiesThe oil from Moringa’s Finest is organically pure and ideal for baby massage. It’s very calming, can relieve colic and is a great way to deepen the contact between parent and child. Nice to massage after a bath and/or before going to bed.

Aromatherapy and massage

massage and aromatherapy with Moringa OleiferaMoringa oil is extracted by squeezing the oil out of the seeds. This creates a very stable oil which has a high nutritional value for the skin but at the same time is very light in texture. This makes it an excellent choice for massage oil, and for mixing with aromatherapy oils. The nutrients from Moringa Oil penetrate deep into the skin cells. Moringa is considered to be the best oil for massage and aromatherapy.

Hair Care

Moringa Hair CareBecause Moringa oil is rich in oleic acid, it is very good to use on the scalp to nourish, soften and clean. The nutrients in the oil feed the scalp, the roots and the hair, strengthening the hair itself. It works very well against dandruff, dull hair and split ends. For hair loss, massage the scalp every day with a small amount of oil.

Simply use it by after shampooing, or after having made the hair damp, massage some oil into the hair and scalp. Let it soak, then rinse. You can also use it on dry hair for extra shine. Rub just a few drops of Moringa oil in your hands and massage it directly into your hair. (This is also particularly good for dry ends!)

If you are not satisfied with your hair, whatever your style or hair type, try Moringa oil for yourself and see the result!

USER TIP:  The oil can become slightly clotted in the bottle. By holding or placing the bottle in warm water, or placing it on a not-too-warm radiator, the clotting will disappear. The clotting is a feature of cold-pressed natural oil and does not affect the properties or quality. In fact, it shows how pure our Moringa oil is!

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