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Moringa Oleifera Tree


Very exclusive in Europe, Moringa’s Finest supplies large trees to harvest your fresh Moringa leaves.

We grow these trees ourselves from A to Z in a greenhouse, in June they are available and now several months old with a large root system and a crop of over one meter high.

Not available in the winter months.


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Moringa Oleifera Tree

In northern Europe we do not have enough sun in the winter to keep the Moringa growing all year round, it also cannot withstand the cold. In September you can bring the tree indoors and allow it to spend the winter without leaving water in a place that is not too cold (room temperature). At the end of April – May you will give the Moringa Oleifera Tree water and light again and he will start to grow again, Miracle tree !!

Care for the Moringa Oleifera Tree:

  • In our country, the Moringa Oleifera Tree can grow outdoors in the summer months, preferably in a sunny and warm place as possible. A conservatory or a greenhouse is ideal.
  • The plant requires a large pot, rich fertilization, and sufficient water, but no ‘wet feet’.
  • Once the leaves are fully formed, they are harvestable, young leaves are milder in taste than older hardened leaves.
  • Prune back the twigs regularly, in practice that means that the shoots have been cut off after 6-8 leaves.
  • If you do not do this, the plant will flower and make fewer leaves.

We supply 2 sizes of trees this year.
From my growers’ heart, I recommend that you collect a tree (or several) from the nursery in Naaldwijk. These are in a large pot and are more than a meter high. For whom this is not an option, we can send a tree by mail just like last year. With PostNL / DHL that takes only one day and usually the moringa tree arrives in good condition.


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