2x Holy Basil plant (Tulsi plant)


In addition to the well-known Moringa products from Moringa’s Finest…
Now also plant Holy Basil!

Holy basil is THE number 1 in Ayurveda, the other name for this plant is “Tulsi” which means “the incomparable”. In addition to all the good properties that this plant has for the health of humans and animals, the taste is also very pleasant.


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2x Holy Basil plant (Tulsi plant) (Ocimum sanctum)


Holy basil is most potent and flavorsome fresh and can be used as a tea and in dishes. For tea, use all parts of the plant, finely chopped or trimmed. In dishes, it is advisable to use only the soft parts. The bunch can be kept for quite a long time in a vase with water, but drying is also possible.


To make tea, cut the whole plant into small pieces and let it dry in a warm dry place out of the sun for a few days. For dishes, pick the leaves and soft parts, and dry them in the same way.


Give the plant a large pot, a warm sunny location, and sufficient organic plant fertilizer, and keep it moist. Harvest regularly and don’t let the plant go too far into bloom. It is advisable to grow several plants if you want to enjoy this plant on a daily basis.


The Tulsi plant attracts bees and butterflies. The flowers are edible. The Holy Basil belongs to the group of medicinal herbs, kitchen herbs, and wild incense.


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Heilige Basilicum plant:

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