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Neem Tablets 1000mg


Neem tablets from natural cultivation in compressed form.

100% Natural.
100% Vegan.
Without additives.


Content: 100 Neem tablets of 1000mg


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Neem Tablets 1000mg

Neem Tablets - 1000mg - 100 pcsNEW at Moringa’s Finest; Neem tablets and Neem powder! (Azadirachta indica)

The neem tree is also called the “Village Pharmacy” in India, or the village pharmacy. In Ayurvedic health theory, the neem tree leaf is used against a wide variety of ailments,
ranging from inflammation, viruses, digestive problems, and fungal infections.

Attempts by large companies to patent the active substances in the neem tree have been blocked by the people of India.
Due to legal provisions, we cannot provide specific information about complaints where neem leaves can help, but there is sufficient information on the internet. Because the neem powder has a very bitter taste, neem tablets are a solution for those who do not appreciate the bitter taste.

Recommended use: 2 tablets twice a day, preferably with a meal.

There are no known allergic reactions, if you suspect that you react too strongly or not well to these tablets, we advise to reduce the dose or stop it.

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Weight 0,124 kg

100 neem tabletten á 1000mg


100% Neempoeder – Azadirachta indica

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2x daags 2 tabletten


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