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Moringa Oil 200ml + Neem oil & leaf powder


Content of the package:

  • 200 ml Moringa oil
  • 30 ml Neem seed oil
  • 100 gr Neem leaf powder


Moringa Oil – For application to skin and hair.

Contains naturally-protective antioxidants.
Protects skin from free radicals.
Reduces lines and wrinkles.
Rejuvenates and nourishes skin and hair.

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Moringa Oil 200ml + Free Neem Seed Oil & Neem Leaf Powder!

Neem Seed Oil.

Neem oil is cold-pressed oil from the seeds of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica). The oil is liquid above 25 degrees, in the Netherlands it will often be solidified in the bottle. Before use, you can warm up the bottle containing the neem oil under the hot tap or on the heating so that the oil is very fluid. The smell of pure cold-pressed neem oil is not exactly pleasant, but the beneficial effect compensates for this in abundance. Neem seed oil is not for internal use. (Is non-toxic but the taste will not please)

Use: Mix the neem oil 1:10 with moringa oil (do not use pure neem oil on the skin) and lubricate the treated areas several times a day. Whoever paints it before bedtime can if possible apply a bandage around the smeared area.


Neem Leaf Powder.

Neem powder is made from the leaves of the Neem tree. In India, this tree is nicknamed “The village pharmacy” or the village pharmacy. The taste is pretty bitter. Neem leaf powder can be used both externally and internally, it works antibacterial and antiviral. Store the leaf powder in a dark place so that it does not discolor and the antioxidants remain active.

Use: For skin problems, the powder can be dissolved in a neutral lotion (without perfumes and parabens) and then be lubricated on the areas to be treated. With inflamed gums, you can mix the powder with the toothpaste.

The applications of detonating powder are very versatile, look for extensive applications of both the oil and the powder at


A concise manual is supplied for the application of the neem seed oil and the leaf powder.


Use Moringa oil:

  • Use cold-pressed Moringa oil daily on both face, hair, and skin.
  • Great for massage and aromatherapy, care and soften the hair.
  • Works softening with skin rashes, abrasions, fire bubbles, insect bites and swelling.

Usage tip:
Store the oil at room temperature. Over time, flakes can form in the oil bottle. These will relieve immediately as soon as you heat the oil by keeping the bottle under the hot tap or heating on the heating. Flocculation is a feature of cold-pressed oil and does not affect properties or quality.

Produced in India for Moringa’s Finest under GMP quality mark.

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Additional information


– 200ml Moringa olie.
– 30ml Neem zaad olie.
– 100gr Neem bladpoeder.


– 100% Moringa olie. (Gewonnen door middel van koude persing van biologisch geteelde zaden van de Moringa Oleifera.)
– 100% Neem zaad olie. (Gewonnen door middel van koude persing van zaden van de Neem boom.)
– 100% Neem bladpoeder. (Fijn gemalen bladeren van de Neem boom.)


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